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                                                        CHEZ JULES SET LUNCH MENU

served every day 12-4pm

1 course £5.90

2 course £7.90

3 course £9.90



Also, our a la carte....


En Amuse Gueule


Rosette de Lyon £2.25

Marinated olives (v) £2.75

Garlic dip and Pitta crisps (v) £2.45

More bread and butter £0.90



En Entrée


SOUPE GRATINEE A L’OIGNON                                                           £3.40

French onion soup with gruyere cheese crouton


LE CONFIT DE CANARD au THYM FRAIS ET A L'AIL                             £6.95

Sautéed home made duck confit leg with fresh thyme and garlic                


LE CROTIN DE CHEVRE GRILLE (v)                                           £5.40/£7.40

Grilled matured goat cheese on toast with walnuts and a

honey, balsamic and sesame dressing


SALADE AU SAUMON D’ECOSSE                                                         £5.75

Smoked salmon, lemon and dilled cucumber


MOULES A L’ETUVEE                                                                          £5.90

Steamed mussels in white wine with onion, garlic and herbs 


CUISSES DE GRENOUILLES                                                                £7.95

Traditional frog legs in garlic and parsley


BOUDIN NOIR AUX POMMES                                                               £5.95

French black pudding with apple



Snails in a garlic butter                                          Les six                   £5.25

Les douze              £8.90


LES CREVETTES SEL ET POIVRE                             Les six                   £ 5.95

                                                                             Les douze              £ 9.50


Oysters (each) with lemon                                                                 £1.65


ASSIETTE DE CHARCUTERIE (…  /pour deux)                                      £6.75/£9.95

Selection of saucisson, jambon & Pâté de Campagne



3 snails in garlic butter and frogs legs in garlic                                   £8.75







LE MACARONI  DEUX FROMAGES AU COMTE                                                 £8.60

Your macaroni cheese with “un twist et beaucoup de fromage”


GNOCCHI au BASILIC                                                                         £9.60

Gnocchi with cherry tomato, fresh basil, parmesan and black pepper


FROMAGE DE CHEVRE, CHAMPIGNON ET PESTO                                 £10.90

Baked Portobello mushrooms, melting goats cheese slab and pesto


LES ENFANTS (under 10)

Chicken and chips                                                                                         £5.00

Saucisse et frites                                                                                 £5.00

Poisson pané et frites                                                                          £5.50






Half roast duck with roasted vegetables, gratin Dauphinois and                   £24.90

sauce à l’orange


LE POULET ROTI                                                                   Whole     £16.90

Whole simply roasted chicken with rosemary and                    Half       £9.90

Maldon salt, pommes frites and gravy


LE COQ AU VIN                                                                                  £19.60

Slow cooked chicken in red wine, with mushrooms and silver skin

onions and gratin dauphinois


LE LAPIN A LA MOUTARDE                                                                  £24.60

Slow braised French rabbit leg with Dijon mustard, white wine

and smoked bacon with gratin dauphinois


BOURRIDE PROVENCALE                                                                              £31.90

½ lobster, fish, mussels, scallops and squid, garlic slice,

aioli and new potatoes


LES CUISSES DE GRENOUILLES                                                         £27.40

1kg of sautéed frog legs in garlic butter-loads of crusty bread




Shoestring Fries £2.20    Gratin Dauphinois £2.50   More Green salad £2.20

Roasted veg £2.65                   Green beans £2.10                   Fried Onion rings £2.10








(Our steaks are from prime Scottish beef and are matured for at least 21 days.)


Chargrilled with a choice of garlic butter, au poivre or beayonnaise –All our meats are served with gratin dauphinois


LE PAVE DE BŒUF- 7oz flavoursome rump steak                               £11.50


LE PETIT - 6oz rib eye                                                                        £13.60


LA COTE DE BŒUF – 7oz rib eye steak                                               £15.40


LA COTE DE BŒUF MOYENNE – 8oz rib eye steak                               £17.90


LA GRANDE COTE DE BŒUF - 9oz rib eye steak                                  £18.90



8oz Scottish fillet steak                                                                                £23.90

6oz Scottish fillet steak                                                                                £18.90


LE STEAK TARTARE                                                                             £14.90

6oz prime Scottish beef spiced with Worcester sauce, chilli,

shallots and garlic mayo. This steak is not cooked!


LE STEAK AU ROQUEFORT                                    

Panfried 6oz rib eye steak with Roquefort sauce                                 £14.60


LE STEAK with egg à cheval                                                               £10.90

Lean 100% minced 8oz Scottish beef steak, chargrilled to your

liking with a fried egg “à cheval” (on top), with leaves, onions,

melted cheese and fries


NOISETTE D’AGNEAU AU ROMARIN                                                              £14.90

Braised lamb shank with rosemary and garlic


WANT TO TRY TWO SAUCES ?                                         extra sauce   £0.75



OUR SAUCISSES or BROCHETTES (all served with fries)


BROCHETTE DE BOEUF AUX POIVRONS                                              £12.90

100% Scottish beef kebab with red onion, peppers, tomato and your

Choice of sauce.


BROCHETTE D’AGNEAU AUX MERGUEZ                                               £12.60

Grilled marinated lamb pieces with merguez green and red peppers, tomato

and spicy ketchup


LES MERGUEZ                                                                                    £8.60

Grilled merguez & frites –Dijonand ketchup


LA SAUCISSE DE TOULOUSE en CASSOULET                                                £12.40

Two Toulouse sausages with cannellini beans and tomato cassoulet with confit bacon


Check our white wines!


POISSON DU JOUR £11.90 to £17.90 depending on market

Grilled fish with fries and aioli


BROCHETTE DE FRUITS DE MER, grillée – frites et aioli                       £13.90

Seafab Keboob, chargrilled with fries and aioli                                     


COQUILLES ST JACQUES                                                                    £16.90

Grilled king scallops, crispy ham and fresh thyme - Duck braised potatoes 


SCOTTISH LOBSTER grilled with garlic butter, flambé brandy - Fries and aioli

Half             £14.90

Whole          £21.90


MOULES FRITES                                                                                 £11.90

Steamed mussels with fries and aioli


Les Desserts

Glass of Prosecco or sweet wine £3.95


La mousse au chocolat 3.95               La crème brûlée  4.90             

Le banana toffee pie 4.00                            Sticky toffee pudding with ice cream 4.25

Crepe suzette with brandy, lemon and orange 3.95 (or with ice cream 4.20)


Les Glaces et Sundaes

Ice cream/sorbet coupe (2 scoops 3.60, 3 scoops 4.60)

Explosive mango sundae with vanilla and fruit salad 5.60

Peanut ice cream, jelly, butterscotch sauce and whipped cream 5.75

Dame Blanche - vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce andChantillycream 5.50

Peche Melba - vanilla ice cream, poached peach, raspberry coulis, Chantilly 5.50

Le Colonel (lemon sorbet and vodka)  4.20


Le Fromage

French cheese plate        £4.95          A glass of fine Port          £2.40



La Rincette

 “Healthy sweet alternative”

Rincette Café Baileys £2.50                Rincette Café Rum  £2.50

Rincette Café Calvados £2.50            Rincette Café Cognac £2.50


Les Cafés

Espresso £1.20               Double Espresso £1.70            Cappucino £2.20    Tea £1.20                      Americano £1.70                                Latte £2.40           Hot Chocolate £2.40            Irish & Liqueur coffees  £4.50


Les Bien Français

Le Kir £3.75                      Le Kir Royal  £4.75             

Le Pastis Ricard £2.50        Le Calvados £3.70             Le Cognac £3.70              

La Chartreuse Verte £4.70  L’Armagnac £3.90             Grand Marnier £3.00


L’eau de vie de Prunes £5.00

La Poire Williams Eau de vie £5.00

L’eau de vie de Framboise £5.00                        

La Tomate Ricard and Grenadine £2.90

La Mauresque Ricard and Sirop d’Orgeat  £2.90

Le Perroquet Ricard and sirop de menthe £2.90


Les Aperitifs/Digestives


Grouse £2.40   Single Malt £3.90   Gordon Gin £2.60   Cointreau £2.60

Baileys £3.40   Bacardi £2.60   Vodka £2.60   Amaretto £2.50….



Les Bieres et Cidres


Edinburgh Caledonian 80s £4.30                 Kaliber (non alcoholic beer) £4.00    

Belhaven Ale £4.95                                      Carslberg £3.40

Leffe £4.20                                                  StellaArtoisPear Cidre £4.40

Guinness £4.95                                            StellaArtoisApple Cidre £4.40

Grolsh £4.95                                                 Hoegarden £4.50

Glasgow West StMungo Lager £4.50             Peroni £3.60       

Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger beer £4.20           Kronenbourg 1664 £3.40




Coca cola, soda lime, sparkling water, orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, lemonade, ginger beer... £2.00




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