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£ Bottle /£ 500ml / £ 250ml /  £125ml




Pierre et Papa vin extraordinaire rouge 21.90/ 15.90/ 8.30/ 4.80

Pierre et Papa vin extraordinaire Blanc 21.90/ 15.90/ 8.30/ 4.80

Pierre et Papa vin extraordinaire Rosé   21.90/ 15.90/8.30/ 4.80




Chenin Blanc Robertson Afrique du sud £23.50/16.20/8.35/4.95

Cab Sav Merlot, Afrique du Sud   £23.50/16.20/8.35/4.95






Carignan ,Vieilles Vignes   £28.50/ 20.50/ 10.30/ 5.90

Like losing one's pants rolling in the hay! Dangerous but possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity...!

Chateau Minvielle Rouge, Bordeaux  £34.30/ 24.50/ 12.50/ 6.80

When a beret, an "Opinel" pen knife, a wooden stool and a corn rolled "Gitanes"cigaarette becomes compulsory-"Mon Dieu Jules" Merci!


Cotes du Rhone,  Gonnet Vigneron  £36.40/ 25.90/ 12.90/ 6.80

Merde alors! Gouteux, juteux, ze very best!


Abymes Jean Perrier et Fils, Savoie  35.90/ 25.50/ 13.80/ 7.20

Il a en bouche une rondeur envoutante, sur la langue un perlant chatouillant et sa robe est d'une couleur jaune pale a reflets verts et Jules enjoyed it every Monday morning with Josette


Picpoul de Pinet       £31.90/ 20.50/ 11.50/ 6.20
The grapes are oval, grow in loose bunches and come off easily. That is why in the olden days, trays were often placed beneath the vines to catch falling grapes. The Languedoc
answer to Muscadet. Ripey!


Pinot Noir,Montsablé  £29.50
“God made Cabernet Sauvignon whereas the devil made Pinot Noir!” declared André Tchelistcheff, the dean of American wine makers, after a few bottles!


Merlot Largesse  £25.90 / 18.50 / 9.80 / 5.70 
The Merlot grape produces soft & velvety plummy wines, low on tannins. Merlot means “little blackbird” and was so-called because it was said that it is the grape the blackbird guzzles first and that the bird’s colour resembles the grapes and then they pressed it for juice…Cui cui cuik!


Viognier, vieilles vignes, Mont Rocher £24.90 

A friendly gilet jaune with a lot of punch and character for a good reason. Worth fighting for!




When I was younger Muscadet was all the rage, then it vanished and now Jules brings it back. I feel young again, Youpi!!!



Like having a summer fling as a giddy teenager with a Languedocien accent. Remember ? So stormy, so good! 


COMTE DE PROVENCE ROSE, La Grande Bouquiere  £36.50

Also nicknamed the ''Augergine'' and the 'Mae West' (for obvious reasons), the use of this shapely bottle is stricly controlled. It can only used to be for Cotes de Provence: A soft, curvaceous and pleasurably pink Rose- Oh la la!


Cotes du Rhone Blanc Victor Gonnet £36.30/25.70/12.90/6.80

 The main supply and favourite wine to the Popes 2000 years ago and is still going strong! Would you doubt a group of Popes ?


Chateau Treytins, St Emilion £41.20

The very first time, our supplier had to send us another sample bottle, We had to taste it twice, beacuse we could not believe it was so good!




Coteau du Layon (375 ml)   Carte d'Or, Domaine des Baumard,France                bottle  £29                  75 ml  £6.45

Better than Viagra! Check it out




Sauvigon Blanc Costa Vera   £25.80/ 18.50/ 9.60/ 5.50 
Sailing west is Easter Island. No stony faces here! Smiles, warmth and heart.

Pinot Grigio  White    £24.50 / 17.50 / 9.50 / 5.45 
Superbus, atrum quod speciosus!


Castillo de Eneriz, Garnacha Rose £26.50 / £18.50 / £9.90 / 5.90

Life is not worth living without grest Spanish rose wine!

Rioja Blanco Manzano   £29.50/ £20.80/ £10.50/ £ 5.90
This is a wine with a strong bouquet. Better than sucking on a green piece of wood, though not far from rolling in young nettles…

Malbec, Cinco Finas   £27.50/ 19.90/ 9.90/ 5.70
It takes 100 grapes to make a glass of wine! 500 for a bottle and these are all picked by hand, somewhere high in Chile! Cold hands! Warm wine!


Riesling Nostros Reservas £26.40/ 18.90/ 9.50/ 5.50

It is not alsaceor Germany but it is aromatic, on the sweeter end of the spectrum with a abundance of lime,lemn and hint of spice...think Cueca dance, ponchos and chupalls... Hand picked on the rythmic sound of a good German folk song for authenticity a character.

Rioja Rouge Manzanos       £34.20
Sit down squarely on your chair, pour yourself a glass, close your eyes and bring it to your lips. Robust, comforting, a big hug of a wine.


Chardonnay, Umbrele  £24.20/ 17.50/ 9.40/ 5.40

On June the 10th 1909, the vampire of the Carpathian mountains was first reported to in the "Neues Wiener Journal". The article chronicled in detail how terrified villagers in a town in the mountains were suffering the loss of their children at an alarmiing rate-This would not have happen if this wine had been invented! No red required!


Shiraz, Lo and Behold Mourvedre  £27.90

For the horse lovers, this wine exhibits rich bouquet of new saddle leather and for the country trekker rich bouquet or black currants and cherries. Why suffer on a horse back when you can do it lounging down. An opulent wine, you won't fall from high. 





PROSECCO £25.50    Glass |£5.95

Sunsine, summer dresses, scents of sun lotion, celebration and happiness. Frothy , bubbly... Italian!


Blanquette de Limoux Brut  £31.50

It will keep you warm too!


Champagne Grande Reserve Premier Cru Pierre Mignon £49.50

Incredibly gentle, soft and elegant bubbles. A great jacuzzi for small people!


 Taittinger, Champagne   £69.90

Avec des frites et peut etre un steak ou un homard ou deux.


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